'Olwethu' cross body bags

We all require our mobile phones to be kept close at hand while simultaneously needing our hands to be kept free. The ‘Olwethu’ bag stylishly offers a light & nifty solution to this quandry.

The beads are carefully handwoven in a structurally sound technique showcasing the colour and originality of the people of South Africa.  Clearly not curio but functioning art, the beadwork is inspired by the stories told down the generations in Southern Africa’s beaded history enabling the significant cultural heritage of beadwork to be preserved.

The name of the bag is ‘Olwethu” which is a name of Xhosa origin meaning “Ours” or “Our love”. With our usual nod to South Africa’s unsung hero, our South African women, we name this beauty for any empowered woman who purchases with purpose.