About the Product

Once a well fitted bra has been acquired, Bili bra straps will add a touch of 'worn to be seen' love steeped in African influence
Each bead is wonderfully woven onto elastic enabling stretch + comfort
Worn to be seen 
Each pair of straps is a work of art transforming regular straps to an alluring alternative
Size adjustability 
An elasticated adjuster section allows for a customised + supportive fit
One size fits most 
Bili BraWear, as the  originator of this unique + novel application, applies a heritage technique to a relevant enabling an everyday item to be worn with confidence
Slow fashion 
A kaleidoscope of colour combinations + pattern variations provides for a wide product range
Carefully sourced + quality materials are applied during handcrafted process
Product Specifics
Hand selected glass seed beads I nickel free nylon coated fittings I 20% spandex 80% nylon elastic
Beaded section 23.5cm length I shortest total length 34cm + maximum extension 40.5cm I Width 10mm