About Us

Bili BraWear handcrafts removable bra straps. Bili straps are an innovative ‘worn to be seen’ fashionable accessory designed to replace standard bra straps with a colourful and comfortable alternative.

Each handcrafted pair holds a part of the soul of the person of made it.

They attach to strapless bras.



Old misconceptions are replaced with new conceptions. So too, bra straps do not have to be out of sight or unsightly. An African heritage technique is adopted to result in a beautiful form of artful adornment.

Bili straps significance Each bead represents each South African. Regardless of gender, colour, creed or walk of life we are all the same, created in the image of God. And, when woven together in a special way, we result in a beautiful story that represents a South Africa standing united. United we stand, together we rise.

"Craft is one of the purest expressions of culture. It represents skills past down through generations rooted in specific geographies, and characterized by regional nuances. Handcrafted items not only build bridges from human to human but also from culture to culture and, in a world that is too often preoccupied by and divided by our differences, the unifying power of handcraft should not be overlooked". Jim Brett in his keynote address to The New Handworker Convention 2018.



Bili Bra Wear straps are produced by women based in Wallacedene, an informal housing settlement in Cape Town, and in this way the business helps to uplift and empower previously disadvantaged women enabling them to sustain their families. 

Bili is a derivative on the Zulu word for 'two' ezimbili   which is a nod to 2 being stronger than 1. The collective offering better solutions.