About Us


Bili BraWear handcrafts removable beaded bra straps.
Authentically South African, the straps replace regular bra straps with a colourful and comfortable “worn to be seen” alternative defying the concept that bra straps need to be hidden and instead, can be a novel fashion accessory.

"Craft is one of the purest exressions of culture and handcrafted items not only build bridges from human to human but also, from culture to culture. In a world that is too often preoccupied by and divided by our differences, the unifying power of handcraft should not be overlooked"     
~ Jim Brett in his keynote address to The New Handworker Convention 2018



 Bili straps represent a confluence of art, fashion, craft and culture  and, by attaching to strapless bras they result in a product of unmistakable charm + alluring appeal


As a company, we strive to build into the brighter future of South Africa by creating sustainable jobs. Each pair of straps crafted empowers a previously disadvantaged woman in Wallacedene, an informal settlement just outside Cape Town. We seek new social solutions taking industry to the townships thereby empowering mothers and restoring childhoods